Sometimes I wish that I could live in Pizza Box Town, where all sidewalks and roads lead to Your Favorite Pizza Parlor and the townspeople are all smiley and cheesey. No cross words are ever spoken in Pizza Box Town, only pleasantries related to pizza ordering, such as “Extra cheese, please, José,” who always answers, “Usted lo consiguió, mi amigo.”

Pizza Box Town is green in two ways. One is good and one I could do without. The Town Fathers and Mothers have discovered an alternative heat source for Pizza Box Town: pizza. This is good … in fact, it’s delicious. A trade-off is that Pizza Box Town cover’s colors are overpowered by Italian-flag-green. I am not a fan of this shade, especially when it deviously intrudes into the two other colors’ spaces. I don’t know if I can commit to living in this hued world, no matter how savory the heat source is. Who am I trying to kid? Of course I would — they don’t call me The Pizza Whisperer for nothing.

“Excuse me, José, is it too late to add anchovies to my pizza? And you better make it ‘adios,’ as you like to call ‘to go.’ I don’t like people gawking at me when I’m eating while I’ve got a pizza jones working. It’s a scene that would upset the tranquil karma of Pizza Box Town.”

“Si, si, jefe, ningul una problema.”

No, of course not. We don’t allow problemas in Pizza Box Town.



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